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Melanie is always my first choice when I need photography for my blog. She has worked her magic on dozens of my older recipes telling each one's story through beautiful imagery. Her work is essential to the success of Lana's Cooking.
Lana Stuart
Lana's Cooking
camera with photographs of food on the screen

Hi, I'm Melanie!

I was born in England, lived in Tenerife (Canary Isles) for a few years, then South Africa for 15 years and now finally settled in South Louisiana.  During those years I traveled to many countries and one of my favorite past times is eating and dining out.  I will always try something once and like most things.

I began my food blog, The Cagle Diaries in January of 2020.  After a few months in I realized I needed to improve my photography and so signed up to an amazing online food photography school where I learned the ins and outs of photographing food and what bloggers are specifically looking for, etc.  

Almost 2 years later I have photographed so many recipes it's crazy.  The craziest thing, I still love it.  My dream is to be able to work 100% on my own blog and my own recipes, but until then - I am at your service to create some beautiful content for your blog! 

Melanie Cagle

Food Photographer and Blogger

Melanie Cagle Photography



Why Choose My Service

There are other content creators out there, what sets me apart from the others?

What Are My Strengths?

I actually have my own blog that I am busy growing so I understand your needs.  The need for images that are scroll stopping and capturing those best drool-worthy angles.
I am an excellent cook with a very experienced, well traveled palate.  I love to try new things and do not shy away from the trickier dishes.
I have my own studio and work with artificial light making my time very flexible.  I can work through the night when needed!
I always research a client's blog first to recognize the niche/style required and work toward matching seamlessly.

Scroll Stopping Images For Your Blog

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Special Features

SEO Scripted Recipes

I can drill down into SEO Analysis and work those desired keywords throughout the content.

Special Images

Add special images (like an ingredients shot) and have them delivered in your desired size for immediate upload.

Video Creation

Videos created from the images, or a 'Hands in Pans' style video as an extra feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many images would I receive?

That would all depend on the recipe and the level of difficulty etc.  I photograph every step of the recipe, then typically there is an average of about 15-20 hero images in both portrait and landscape.

Can I rush my order?

I do offer an expedite service. You'll see the option at checkout.

Do you offer volume discounts?

If it were all paid at the same time then yes, I do offer levels of discounts based on the volume of work.

What if I want something changed?

I am always going to try to ensure my clients are 200% happy with the images received. If you need something changed please don't hesitate to discuss it with me.

What kind of backdrops do you have?

I do have a variety of backdrops, from white marble, burnt blue wood, rustic white wood... and everything in between (it feels like).  When ordering my services there will be a form to complete that will have the options to choose from.

My recipe uses a particular kitchen appliance, what if you don't have it?

I do have a lot of appliances.  Best to check with me, I'm not opposed to buying a new appliance though, to add to my collection. We can discuss this.

Do you have a portfolio I can look at?

I do.  It is hosted by Pass Gallery - here's the link

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