What is an exclusive recipe?

An exclusive recipe is a recipe package that is sold to only one blogger.  Once the recipe package is sold they are yours and the same package will never be sold again.  

It is important to note that many recipes can have hundreds of variations.  So you may see similar recipes again (let's use chocolate chip cookies as an example), but all packages sold by me are different and unique.

What images are included with my package?

Unless otherwise noted in the recipe description, each package will include an ingredient photo and photos of each vital step of the recipe.  All process images are portrait.  But please read the listing description to see what is included in each package.

All recipes will come with a good variety of hero images in both portrait and landscape orientation so that you have lots to work with.

Who develops the recipes sold on this site?

I develop all of the recipes sold on this site (Melanie Cagle Food Photography).  As a food blogger myself, I know how important it is that each recipe works and tastes great.  All recipes are tested and tasted and if they don't pass for both results and flavor they are not listed.

What else is included with my package?

All packages include the full recipe and photos.  In addition to that I always include as much information as possible that you can share in your post to make sure your readers have success and love the recipe.  

Additional information may include : recipe tips, substitution suggestions, serving suggestions, storage methods, brands used during testing for vital ingredients, suggestions for interlinking opportunities within your own site (spice blends, sauces etc) and anything else I think might be useful for a specific recipe.

Copyright will be delivered to buyers upon their purchase, however I do sometimes retain 1 or 2 pictures for my portfolio only.

Can I request specific recipes?

I am always willing to consider suggestions for recipes you'd like to see for sale on this site. Send an email to melanie@thecaglediaries.com with your requests.  

Where can I see upcoming recipes?

If you'd like to see what I'm working on for future listings, make suggestions, and be notified when new listings are ready, please enter your email below to join my mailing list.